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Dr. Chris Quigley gets certificate in Collision Reconstruction and Biomechanical Engineering

April 17, 2018, Boston

Boston Chiropractor, Dr. Chris Quigley has completed his post graduate certification in Collision Reconstruction and Biomechanical Engineering. This comprehensive program details the ways that math is used to determine how a crash occurred and the forces that were experienced by the occupants of the cars and the vehicles involved. This course had a special section on low speed impacts. Low speed impacts have been shown to cause numerous injuries due to how quick that an accident occurs, magnifying the forces experienced by the car occupants.

This course enables Dr. Quigley to give his opinion on the forces that cause injury and the injuries sustained. In contrast, auto reconstruction specialists can only give analysis of the forces involved in the accident and the typical physician can only give analysis of the injuries. The unique ability to combine specialties makes Dr. Quigley’s skills very important in the auto injury case.

The injuries sustained in car crashes can be debilitating. The danger with car accidents is that 20% of victims do not suffer immediate pain. The pain from whiplash can show up days, months or years later. Dr. Quigley said “This certification allows me to help those in Boston who have suffered whiplash injuries in a more comprensive fashion. Adding to my expert status in the whiplash area helps my patients in understanding their injuries and creating recovery plans that are highly effective.

Dr. Quigley is the author of the Amazon best seller “After the Car Crash” and is in his 29th year of practice helping to create miracles for thousands of patients.


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