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Types of Muscle Strain Treatment in Boston, MA

Treatment for Frequent Muscle Strains

At Charles Street Family Chiropractic, Inc., we understand how frequent muscle strains can cause intense physical pain and discomfort, making it difficult to go about your daily life. For this reason, our experienced team of chiropractors in Boston provides specialized treatment for a variety of muscle strain injuries using the latest technology and techniques. With nearly 34 years of experience in the field, Dr. Chris Quigley and his team are devoted to helping you find relief from your muscle strain symptoms and get back on track to leading an active lifestyle. From whiplash and neck pain to sciatica and advanced chiropractic care, our practice offers a full range of muscle strain treatments tailored to your needs. We will assess your injury and develop a customized treatment plan to help you get back on your feet fast.

Types of Muscle Strains in Boston, MA

Common Causes of Muscle Strain

Muscle strains can occur for various reasons, and some of the most common back muscle strain causes are overexertion, inadequate stretching before physical activity, and improper form when lifting weights or doing other exercises. Additionally, if you suddenly increase the intensity or duration of an exercise without preparing your body for it, you may be more likely to suffer from muscle strain. In some cases, car accidents, falls, and other trauma can cause muscle strain.

It is important to understand the type of injury you have to ensure proper treatment and prevent further damage due to inadequate rest or over-exertion. At Charles Street Family Chiropractic, Inc., we always assess your injury before beginning treatment to tailor our approach to your individual needs. We understand how important receiving the right treatment is so that you can return to a full and active life free of pain and discomfort.

Symptoms of Muscle Strains

The most common symptom of a muscle strain is pain that radiates from the area of injury. You may also experience soreness and swelling in the affected area, as well as a limited range of motion and difficulty walking or standing for long periods of time. Additionally, you may feel sharp or burning sensations when applying pressure to the strained muscle. If the strain is severe, you may even experience bruising in the affected area. If you are experiencing any of these muscle strain symptoms, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible so that your injury can be properly diagnosed and treated.

Types of Muscle Strains

  • Upper back muscle strain
  • Lower back muscle strain
  • Neck muscle strain
  • Shoulder muscle strain
  • Hip muscle strain
  • Leg and thigh muscle strains
  • Ankle and foot muscle strains
  • Arm and hand muscle strains

How Are Muscle Strains Diagnosed?

At Charles Street Family Chiropractic, Inc., we begin our diagnosis of muscle strain by assessing the type and location of your injury. From there, our team will then use a combination of physical examination and imaging tests (such as X-rays or MRI scans) to determine the severity of the strain. After diagnosing your muscle strain, we will develop a customized treatme

nt plan to target your needs and help you find relief.

Muscle Strain Treatment

At Charles Street Family Chiropractic, Inc., our team of experienced doctors provides a variety of treatments to help you find relief for your muscle strain. Depending on the severity of your injury, we may recommend physical therapy or specific exercises and stretches that can help improve your range of motion and reduce pain. In more serious cases, we offer a variety of advanced chiropractic adjustments to help reduce pain and restore mobility. Our team may also recommend lifestyle changes such as improved posture or nutrition to manage your symptoms better and prevent further injury.

Find Frequent Muscle Strain Relief by Contacting Us

If you are experiencing frequent muscle strain and need relief, contact Charles Street Family Chiropractic, Inc. today! Our team of experienced doctors has been providing exceptional chiropractic care and can help you find the right treatment for your injury. Whether it’s physical therapy or lifestyle modifications, we will work with you to develop a personalized plan that helps alleviate your pain, increase mobility, and improve your overall quality of life. Don’t wait any longer – contact us to start living a better, more comfortable life.