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Functional Medicine in Boston, MA

hand heart on stomachMany people get confused when trying to understand what functional medicine is, because there are slightly different philosophies depending on the practitioner. While they may be looking for the root cause, in many cases, the focus is on providing a diagnosis, and treating the symptom.

That’s why Tiana Celesia, Nutritionist, likes to refer to her program as Functional Wellness. She is not a doctor and does not diagnose or treat disease, but the work together is about discovering clues and finding healing opportunities. This work is complementary to the work you are doing with your doctor. This is about getting the body to a state of wellness. It’s teaching people how to listen to their body from the foundation up, rather than looking at symptoms.

She focuses on discovering clues to point her to where the imbalances are, and teaching people how to figure out the right choices for them. She also helps support normal functions in the body, so it can start healing, and bring itself back into balance.

How It Works

Tiana looks at a person’s health history, symptoms, their timeline, food intake, and lab work. Putting all that together helps her see where their body needs more support. Then she partners with them to teach them how to support these functions in their body.

Working with the individual, she gives them information on what blood or other functional testing is needed, so they can ask their doctor to order them, or help them order the tests themselves. When the results come back, Tiana goes over the results to educate them about areas that may be out of balance in the body.

Looking for imbalances or deficiencies, we don’t just fill a void with a supplement. Tiana wants to know why you’re low in this nutrient. Is it because you’re not getting it in your diet? Or are you not digesting and absorbing it? Or is something competing with it, or does your body need more than is normally required?

We’re looking for answers, often starting on digestion and the gut, to ensure you get the most effective solution. That’s what foundational work is all about.

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