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Functional Medicine For Wellness in Boston, MA

hand heart on stomachMany people get confused when trying to understand what functional medicine is, because there are slightly different philosophies depending on the practitioner. While the primary philosophy is looking for the root cause of someone’s health concern, in many cases, the focus is still on providing a diagnosis, and treating the symptom.

That’s why Tiana Celesia, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, likes to refer to her services as Functional Wellness. Her holistic approach is about discovering clues and finding healing opportunities. This work is complementary to the work you are doing with your doctor. This is about getting the body to a state of healing and wellness in the most natural way through diet, lifestyle, mindset, and supportive supplementation as needed. It’s teaching people how to listen to their body, support normal function and transform their health to resolve their symptoms naturally.

She focuses on discovering clues to point her to where the imbalances are, and teaching people how to figure out the right choices for them. She also helps support normal functions in the body, so it can start healing, and bring itself back into balance.

How It Works

You can expect the following when working with Tiana

Tailored Guidance

Holistic Approach

Personalized Solutions

Open Dialoge

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