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Back Pain Relief in Boston

woman sitting on couch holding lower back in painLower or middle back pain is one of the most common chronic pain complaints in our country today. Most everyone has experienced some sort of back pain in their lives and unfortunately, the problem often gets worse with age. Sitting at a computer all day can make these problems much, much worse. Because the spine is extremely intricate, it can often be difficult to diagnose your back pain and its root cause.

Dr. Chris Quigley and the Boston chiropractic team at Charles Street Family Chiropractic are experts in providing chiropractic care to treat minor or chronic back pain to provide a much-needed relief from your discomfort. Back pain comes from a variety of sources, including trauma-induced back pain as the result of an auto accident. If you are suffering from back pain, come visit our office today to get started on comprehensive treatment.

Lower Back Pain

Muscle strain is often the culprit to your nagging lower back pain, causing spasms or inflammation in the area. In more serious cases, a disc disease, disc herniation, or arthritis may be the cause, resulting in more pressure around the lower back’s nerves, muscles, discs, joints, tendons, and ligaments. Usually, when you feel lower back pain, it is common to treat it with medication like aspirin or ibuprofen, rest, ice, or heat. Most people don’t even seek professional treatment because they assume that with time, lower back pain will fade away. Even though home remedies may help the pain symptoms, they just mask the cause of the problem. Many times, they can make you feel better but injure the area more! You might end up not realizing you haven’t found the true reason for the pain in the first place, resulting in further exertion and a worse reinjuring of the area. However, chiropractic services are often extremely helpful in treating the cause of your pain, yielding long-lasting results and a pain-free lower back. We do a thorough examination prior to providing you treatment to ensure we are fighting the root cause of your pain instead of just a temporary solution. Whether you’ve been in an auto accident or your day-to-day work life has you sitting uncomfortably, we help you find the right solutions.

Mid Back Pain

Your mid-back, or thoracic spine, is less likely to get injured than your lower back since it is much sturdier. However, mid or upper back pain does still occur and can be caused by joint or muscle problems, or degenerative or herniated discs. Sometimes, a displaced rib may also be the cause of your mid-back pain. At Charles Street Family Chiropractic, we will perform an assessment of your mid-back discomfort and determine the best course of chiropractic care for you. In addition, you may experience mid-back pain as the result of an auto accident. Pain that can start as whiplash can slowly make its way down to your mid-back, making normal, everyday movements and activities extremely uncomfortable. The back injury experts at Charles Street Family Chiropractic provide holistic treatment to ensure we solve your back pain the right way.

Finding Relief for Your Back Pain

Dr. Quigley is dedicated to helping you find relief for your back pain, no matter which part of your back is ailing. Whether you’ve had a chronic condition, or your back pain has started after a car accident or other bodily trauma, we can help provide you an array of solutions to get long-lasting relief. When you first meet with Dr. Quigley, he will determine the possible causes of your back pain and the best course of chiropractic treatment for you. Often, poor posture or bad work habits, like a poor workstation or improper chair, may contribute to your back discomfort. The changing of your habits, improved posture as well as expert spinal manipulation can relieve your symptoms, leaving you comfortable and pain-free.

Back Pain From Trauma

As with most ailments, back pain from trauma is extremely common. Many of our patients experience excruciating pain after they’ve been involved in an auto accident. This type of back pain requires specific attention, and you should seek out treatment with us as soon as possible after you’ve been injured. The sooner we can begin treatment, the faster you can get back to your normal routine.


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