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What is Cervical Kyphosis?


Charles Street Family Chiropractic Treats Cervical Kyphosis

If you suffer from cervical kyphosis, schedule a chiropractor visit at Charles Street Family Chiropractic in Boston, MA for treatment. Cervical kyphosis is an abnormal curve of one’s neck. A healthy curve faces toward the body and develops in early childhood. However, injury, aging, and poor posture can lead to unwelcome changes to the curvature. When this happens, chiropractic care may be necessary to reverse the transformation. An abnormal curvature of your spine can cause muscle pain, spasms, or numbness, among other symptoms. If you experience any unusual feelings in your neck, spine, or upper back, contact our chiropractors for immediate treatment.

Cervical Kyphosis Treatment in Boston, MA

What Is Cervical Kyphosis?

Healthy spines are shaped like a very wide C, curved toward the back of your neck. Individuals exhibiting cervical kyphosis have an abnormal curvature of the spine in their neck region. Patients may have too much of a curve, a curve in the wrong direction, or a curve that has moved to the left or right. This can present problems because one’s neck, upper back, and lower back have to counterbalance curves to facilitate movement. When one is out of place, it affects the whole structure. Though not all individuals with cervical kyphosis experience any symptoms, the condition increases the likelihood of future neck and back pain.

Understanding the Causes of Cervical Kyphosis

People of all ages can experience cervical kyphosis, and its causes are plentiful. In some instances, it is hereditary. Other times, a car accident or traumatic injury can lead to cervical kyphosis. Additional causes of the condition include:

  • Trauma- is the most common cause of cervical kyphosis. If you have ever been in a car accident, played sports such as soccer, football, rugby your neck is at risk.
  • Poor posture – If you spend significant time bending your neck to look at your phone, you may put yourself at risk of developing cervical kyphosis. The constant strain can be detrimental to your spine.
  • Obesity – Individuals who are overweight put added stress on their spine, which can have adverse effects.
  • Thinning bone tissue – As bone tissue erodes, your spine loses the support that it once had.
  • Existing conditions – Because body parts work together, spinal conditions, muscle tension, and disc problems can all contribute to cervical kyphosis.

Recognizing Cervical Kyphosis Symptoms

The specialists at Charles Street Family Chiropractic in Boston can help you recognize symptoms of cervical kyphosis. Not everyone experiences symptoms during the early stages of development, but the condition can be detrimental in the long term. Therefore, it is important to schedule a chiropractor visit if you are experiencing muscle pain in your neck, shoulders, or upper back. Other symptoms include limited movement in your neck or lower back. If you have a posture where your head/ear is in front of your shoulder, you may have cervical kyphosis.

We Can Diagnose Cervical Kyphosis in Boston, MA

After your home test, schedule a chiropractor visit at Charles Street Family Chiropractic so that we may confirm or deny your cervical kyphosis suspicions. We will perform a physical exam to evaluate the flexibility of your curve, your range of motion, spinal alignment, and any abnormalities. We may also discuss your symptoms and whether they are getting worse to gain a greater understanding of your situation. Finally, x-rays of your spine can verify the condition.

Chiropractic Treatment of Cervical Kyphosis

Dr. Quigley and his team of professionals at Charles Street Family Chiropractic can perform spinal manipulative therapy to help reverse the outward curvature of patients’ necks. This approach can help alleviate pain associated with cervical kyphosis and ultimately correct or even reverse the abnormality. Furthermore, we can help introduce exercises designed to strengthen the upper back and neck muscles, thus improving posture and relieving strain and tension. Cervical kyphosis is more likely to worsen than improve without assistance from a professional. Instead of subjecting yourself to gradually-increasing pain as you age, visit us today to begin to correct the problem through chiropractic care.

Contact Charles Street Family Chiropractic for Treatment

If you or a loved one is experiencing pain and limited mobility as a result of cervical kyphosis, take immediate steps to find relief. The experts at Charles Street Family Chiropractic have more than 30 years in the field. We can provide long-lasting results by alleviating pain and improving posture through chiropractic adjustments. Do not hesitate to resolve the issue because the longer you wait, the worse your condition can become. Contact us today to schedule a chiropractor visit at our office in Boston, MA.