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Home Relief Before You See A Chiropractor

Charles Street Family Chiropractic is happy to share chiropractic relief techniques you can try in the comfort of your Boston, MA home before visiting our team of skilled chiropractors. Through our 30 years of service in Boston, we have developed a reputation for putting customers first. Our top priority is your comfort and ability to perform routine tasks, even if that means you do not need to visit our Charles St. office Whether your discomfort stems from a car accident, sports injury, or any other cause, we aim to provide long-term back pain relief so that you can live your life to the fullest. Contact us today to learn more about the home relief methods you can try before scheduling an appointment.

Home Relief Before You See A Chiropractor

At Charles Street Family Chiropractic, we endeavor to provide effective pain management for whatever ails you. We understand that back pain can significantly hinder your ability to execute everyday tasks. While Dr. Quigley and his team can skillfully perform a wide range of techniques to alleviate your back pain, we invite you to try several strategies to achieve chiropractic relief from the comfort of your home. Among our suggestions for back pain relief are:

  • Stretch

To significantly alleviate back pain, start your day with effective stretches. But do not limit those stretches to just your back muscles. It is important to remain loose throughout your body, especially if your job involves prolonged periods sitting at a desk. Stretching your hamstrings is helpful so that they do not get tight from sitting and pull on your pelvis as soon as you stand, resulting in spine misalignment. Stretching your neck will improve posture and help with upper back pain. As the day progresses, be sure to step away from your desk to move around and stretch some more.

  • Maintain a Healthy Weight

Additional weight can put unnecessary stress on your back and spine, causing pain throughout your body. One way to achieve back pain relief is by exercising to maintain a healthy weight. Remain light and limber to minimize back discomfort.

  • Think Ergonomically

Whether you are sitting at your desk, the dinner table, or your cozy recliner, think ergonomically. Design your workspace or table so that you do not need to hunch forward to see a screen or reach for your beverage. Also, be certain that your chair supports your lower back and you can plant your feet firmly on the floor to aid posture.

  • Refrain from Staring at Your Phone

We know that you may need to update the score of the Celtics game or catch up on the latest news of the day but refrain from staring at your phone. Chances are, every time you glance at your handheld device, your chin drops, and your neck curves. This position strains your muscles and causes pain throughout your spine. When you must glance at your tablet or phone, be sure to position it at eye level.

  • Use Your Car’s Headrest

Similar to maintaining a concerted effort to avoid dropping your head while looking at your phone, keep your head and neck straight while driving by using your car’s headrest. By leaning against the support, you will release tension in your neck, which has a domino effect for back pain relief. The headrest is one of the most effective injury prevention tools in your car. However, it only works if your head is with ¼ inch of the headrest upon impact. If you know you are going to be in a collision, grab the steering wheel and force your head back into the headrest to give you the best chance of avoiding injury.

  • Do Not Sleep on Your Stomach

Following a long day, few things in life are sweeter than crawling into a warm bed and drifting off to sleep. But if you sleep on your stomach, you may be causing undue stress on your neck and back throughout your slumber. When you sleep on your stomach, you are forced to turn your neck to the right or left, creating strain. Try sleeping on your side or back to maintain the more natural curvature of your spine.

Contact Charles Street Family Chiropractic Today

Our team’s main goal is to provide customers throughout Boston with superior chiropractic relief for neck, back, and shoulder pain, among other ailments and discomforts. But we know that busy schedules can prevent you from visiting Charles Street Family Chiropractic immediately. We are happy to provide back pain relief suggestions to try at home before coming in to see us. However, if your pain persists, contact us to schedule an appointment for chiropractic relief with our friendly team.