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Charles Street Family Chiropractic Success Stories

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Dr. Quigley’s patient testimonials below and please send us an email or contact our office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Chris Quigley

Kelly’s Recovery from Rib and Back Problems

Steven’s Miraculous Recovery


I had herniated disks in neck and lower back: this caused pain and restricted movement. I could not sit or sleep comfortably.

  • Within 6 weeks I was able to sleep!
  • 6 months: less low back pain – started strength rehab
  • 9 months: neck flexibility and range of motion getting better and less pain.
  • 11 months: start to work on balance and continuing to build strength in the neck.

˜Francie H.


I’m very grateful to you office as it’s brought me insight into on going problems with my body. The time and efforts of everyone who may I add were all very nice is greatly appreciated. I only happened upon your website as I was looking for a second opinion on a back injury. I wish I had knowledge of a free exam and understanding of my body years ago, maybe some of my issues could have been avoided.. I say this cause I don’t think if I wasn’t looking for the second opinion I would have known about your office and your office is something I am very happy to have discovered. I’ll be sure to recommend your office. ˜John C.

I called into the office on Monday morning and was told to come on in. Thank goodness because I was in so much pain I did not think I could make it through the day. I came in and got an adjustment on the first visit as well as a sacroiliac belt and felt much better! Lisette C.

I have improved my physical well being throughout my body. I now have the flexibility to include exercise in my life again. I frequently bike ride which I love to do! I also feel physically younger. ˜Janet K.

Dr. Chris and the doctors helped back and neck pain. Before I would have periodic episodes of pulling out my back. Now this hardly ever happens. ˜Helen M.

My experience at Charles Street Family Chiropractic has been terrific! Quite frankly, I thought I would live forever with low back pain. After seeing Dr. Quigley, I am now pain free for 90% of my life. I can’t describe in words the feeling of waking up in the morning and not have low back pain. Dr. Quigley has made my quality of life significantly better. ˜David B.

A creaky neck, stiff jaw and a sore lower back, troubled me enough to have to give up a day of sailing because it meant a long period of sitting. After visiting Dr. Quigley I have much more energy, less soreness and I generally feel much better! ˜Ellen P.

I had extreme lower back pain. It made it hard to get out of bed, and it made daily activities difficult. My back pain now is minimal compared to the degree at the onset. Once again, I am able to go about my daily routine without the extreme stress to my lower back. ˜Keith H.

One day I twisted my back, which did not cause me any pain for a few days, but later started a huge problem. I could barely walk to the office on my own to get help, but I’m glad I did! Today I have no discomfort whatsoever. I have stayed with my treatment schedule and have recovered fully. ˜Shinichi H.

The pain in my low back subsided quickly. Coming in for weekly adjustments has made me more conscious of movements with my back and neck area. Overall, I feel much better, pain free in my back and leg. The weekly adjustments are a wonderful way to keep healthy. ˜Claudia C.

At Charles Street Family Chiropractic, they helped me to understand what was wrong as well as fix the problem. Since I have been coming for chiropractic care, I have seen a great difference in my sleep patterns. I am sleeping deeper and for longer periods of time. ˜Corrina G.


I have had chronic neck and back pain for almost 3 years and it was getting worse. I saw therapists, Ortho’s and nobody could help me. In the first few weeks of getting adjusted, I have already noticed a difference. In the past I have found it almost impossible to find any relief, but finally Dr. Quigley has given me some hope, in this long never ending quest of pain relief. ˜Jon S.

In a short 3 weeks my pain has practically disappeared. I was very skeptical. I’m amazed!!!
Julie L.

Approximately one month into my activities with this office, I can make it through an entire week of computer sitting and studying without the pain and stiffness. Something is certainly happening to decrease pain and increase smiles. ˜Melissa C.


I have now been going for one month. The improvement in my neck has gone far beyond my expectations. I don’t have chronic pain anymore and I’m so happy. I didn’t think I would ever be pain free. When Dr. Quigley does my adjustments, I feel a difference right away. He really takes the time to pinpoint the most pressing issue and works on it until it’s better. ˜Elisa V.

I had severe neck pain and could hardly move my neck. I now have nearly no neck pain at all and I am able to once again move my neck. My energy level has increased and I am feeling better than I have in years. I am glad this happened because I have learned that chiropractic care is a part of every day optimal well being. Even when you think you feel great, there is no time not to make a visit. ˜Kristin S.

I have had a very good experience. I’ve experienced far less back pain, sciatic pain or neck pain this past year than I have had in the past 4-5 years. I move a lot of furniture every week in my line of work. ˜Rebecca C.

A pinch in my neck was not allowing normal movement and was causing very painful headaches, neck aches and back pain. My experience at Charles Street has been very good. I have been educated about how important it is to maintain a healthy spine. Sometimes it’s crucial to seek the opinion of a chiropractor when symptoms aren’t what you think. ˜Rosamond P.


I no longer get headaches. I am able to fall asleep as soon as I lay down. I can concentrate at work and never have to stay home because my neck hurts or my head is throbbing. I look forward to coming in and getting healthy with no nasty medicine. ˜Katie F.

In the past 8 weeks my headaches have vanished and I feel much less tired at the end of each day when I head home for my second job, being a father (and husband, too)! ˜Jamie C.

I got frequent headaches behind my eyes. I now feel very good. I’ve felt much better since being treated by the doctors here. I no longer have to wake up everyday wondering when my headaches will go away. ˜Kelly F.

My headaches were so bad I thought I had a brain tumor. I tried everything including several prescription medications. This was my last resort. The adjustments were like magic. The headaches stopped, but I will continue with Dr. Quigley. It’s made a complete change in me. When you feel good it makes life a lot more pleasant, for you and the people close to you. Thanks to Dr. Quigley and his super staff. ˜Irene W.


I had chronic neck pain and migraine headaches. I had tried everything including dietary changes, exercise, medication and acupuncture, but the problem always came back. At first I thought it was a coincidence that I felt so much better. My spine and neck are pain free and my chronic headaches are short lived and infrequent. Dr. Quigley is great–his calm and confident manner is contagious!! ˜Megan M.

My first two months of adjustments have brought definite results. This period of treatment coincided with the stressful job of relocating an elderly parent. Ordinarily I would have had a migraine every other day, but with Dr. Chris’ cervical adjustments, I have not had a single headache. My mind seems more focused, energy level higher as well as rate of accomplishment–my “To Do” list is always finished by the end of the day. ˜Mary Jo T.

I was having severe and frequent migraine headaches. Since being under chiropractic care, my migraines are few and far between and also less painful. It has influenced my life and health in that I feel better about myself and strongly believe in the importance of chiropractic as an integral part of living a long, healthy and happy life. It just makes sense!! ˜Colleen S.


As a last resort, I was tired of taking prescription drugs for my arthritis (20 years of medication). I was unable to bend and tie my sneakers or put on pantyhose. I now no longer take medication. I still have arthritis but I am back to being physically active-I do step aerobics, swimming and yoga. Dr. Quigley has helped me get control of my physical well-being. ˜Maureen M.

My hands were starting to go numb and I was worried about my arthritis that occasionally acted up and had been steadily worsening through the years. After my first adjustment, the feeling started to return to my hands and after a year of care, I haven’t felt any numbness and I rarely notice the arthritis. What an improvement! ˜Peter E.


I have been under chiropractic care for 6 weeks. Just recently, I went to a friend’s house where a cat was present and heavy smoking was taking place. Usually this would be the kiss of death and my allergies and asthma would have been in full force. I spent five hours among cat hair and smoke w/o a sneeze or shortness of breath, yah! I’m so excited. ˜Rochelle R.

Since I have been getting adjusted regularly, I have noticed that my allergies have improved greatly. I still work in the same building with poor air, but I am healthier than I have ever been! ˜Elaine M. W.


I came to Charles Street Family Chiropractic for back pain and headaches, not to mention having high blood pressure for most of my life. After my visits, I have much less back pain and the medication for my high blood pressure has been cut in half. ˜Dennis A.


I had very bad posture. I could not walk straight and I was always tired. After my adjustments my posture has improved and I am walking straighter. I feel great and I have a lot more energy! ˜William S.

I knew chiropractic would be good for my general well being and my posture, but an injury made me take the step to begin the program. I’m so much better in a short time! I am much more aware of the simple ways that I can make a change in how I feel. The care I have had is terrific. ˜Sheryl D.

I am more alert, from better functioning of nerves and better posture. I don’t suffer from chronic neck and back pain and I control stress in my body much more effectively. ˜Rod W.


I love it here- I’ve searched for a very long time for to find a chiropractor to replace the one I was seeing during H.S. I have finally found one that gives me the care I expect. Since I have been coming here, I’ve had much more energy, I’ve been more productive with my time, I’ve felt happy and easy going, and all around more content with life. This is the cure I may be looking for with my overall health. ˜Summer B.

After three sessions, I do not have as much tension in my back and I have more energy. I look forward to coming every time, even early on Saturday morning. ˜Susan H.

After my adjustments at Charles Street Family Chiropractic, I have little to no pain. My energy level is extremely high, I have no problems falling asleep and I am less anxious. People around me notice a big difference in my attitude and energy level and want to know if I changed my diet or if I am working out. I tell them about Dr. Quigley. ˜Liz A.

Charles Street Family Chiropractic has been both professional and caring; efficient and empathetic. I have more energy during the day and I sleep more deeply at night. ˜G.B. B.

I went to see the most highly recommended orthopedists and neurologists that I could find, and the only solution I was given was surgery to repair a bulging disc. I was told to stop working out in karate, the only exercise that I really enjoy. Physical therapy didn’t help and so I tried chiropractic. After Dr. Quigley’s first adjustment, I felt what it was like to stand up straight for the first time in my life. When I don’t take care of myself through healthy diet and exercise, I still occasionally suffer from back pain, but otherwise chiropractic improved my quality of life immensely! ˜Heather K.

My experience here at Charles Street Family Chiropractic has been a great one. I can now wake up in the morning and not feel like I’ve been crippled. Dr. Quigley has helped me through some rough times. After playing in a hockey game I could barely walk due to severe pain. I came to Dr. Quigley and hoped for a miracle so I could play in the championship game that night. I walked out of the office a new man. Needless to say, I played in the championship game that night and got the winning assist. My team and I give great thanks to Dr. Quigley! ˜Zack A.

I used to have middle back pain, especially after walking long distances. After a walk from Beacon Hill to Copley and back, I would have to rest. After 3 weeks of visits, I voluntarily went on a hike in the Walden Woods–It felt great! The swing plane of my golf swing has also improved; I’m making the best contact I ever have. My putting, however, has not improved. ˜Zake P.

My experience with chiropractic care has been very beneficial. I am no longer feeling any of my back pain. I have received great care by Dr. Chris. His suggestions of exercise, meditation and good eating habits have helped me with a healthier life. It just makes you feel better about yourself! ˜Nancy C.

Everyone has been exceptionally professional and personable. With their insistence and expert guidance I have regained most of my physical ability and continue to get healthier everyday. For the first time in over four years, I can golf and jog again, that should say it all. ˜Bruce E.

I was referred to the practice by a RN and she called over to let Dr. Chris know that I was going to be walking over that same day. When I arrived I filled out some paperwork and was seen right away, without an appointment. I met with Dr. Chris who explained everything thoroughly and told me that my success was dependent on my level of commitment to the treatment plan that he outlined for me. I can honestly say that this is the first time, in two years, since I got sick, that I have been able to wake up and get ready for the day. Before seeing him I was just too fatigued and in so much pain to even bother to shower, get dressed, and get out of my home to go to the doctor. Within days of starting to see Dr. Chris, I woke up early everyday and was up and moving around. I was / am happy. I have seen steady progress since beginning. He is not a miracle worker, so you will not be “cured” instantly, but I can honestly say that I have seen progress, I am feeling better overall. The best decision I made was to 1) walk in the door, 2) decide to start treatment at Charles Street Chiropractic, and 3) to remain committed to my well-being. I can truly say that I am a better person for coming here….I am happier, my disease is starting to get under control, and I am optimistic about my future and getting my life back to where I was before getting sick. ˜Veronica D.


The chiropractic care I received appears to have eliminated the numbness in my arms, and I was able to resume my normal work schedule. ˜Dr. Susan A.


I could barely move my neck all the way left and right; my upper right back was causing me pain, along with my chronic low back pain which was exacerbated by pregnancy. After my adjustments I can normally move my neck and rotate it completely, which is helpful especially when driving. I no longer have increased pain when it rains and I can walk and move without pain as my weight increases with my pregnancy. ˜Tracy L.


I had constant pain in my upper back and neck, along with headaches and chronic fatigue. The pain stopped in two days, sleeping is much better, and “everyday functions” are almost back to normal. Overall feeling pretty good! ˜Bevoir B.


I have Crohn’s disease and normally have 2 or 3 flare-ups a year. I started to see Dr. Quigley in January and had regular appointments until March. My stomach never felt better. I eat well and have no pain. Then, due to my schedule, I wasn’t able to come in on a regular basis, and in April I had a flare up. I learned my lesson. ˜Kristen K.


Before I came to Charles Street Family Chiropractic, I had an overdose of Motrin and thought I was going to die. Since I have been getting adjusted regularly, I have more energy, get more sleep, and have been off pain killers for approximately 6 months. I feel better, I am more mobile, and I am in much less pain. I have modified my lifestyle to fit my needs. I now feel wonderful and full of spirit. Thanks to chiropractic. ˜Cleir D.


For approximately 1 and 1/2 weeks I was experiencing constant back pain with radiation down my right leg. My experience with Dr. Quigley has been extremely positive. I am feeling 100% better, mentally and physically. ˜Suzanne M.

I had hurt my lower back at the end of summer. The pain would be severe in the morning and would start at the left side of my spine and would travel down into my left leg. Already after 2-3 weeks, the pain is almost gone. The pain that used to travel down my leg is now completely gone and I feel great! ˜Paul B.


I couldn’t stand the pain and the stiffness I was experiencing. Many years of me being uncomfortable came to an end the day I met Dr. Quigley. I feel good mentally and physically. Depression can be a bad influence on your life and health. Dr. Quigley has helped lift any depression I was having. ˜Kathleen V.

My medications to help with migraine headaches had been increasing through the years and I kept thinking, if I have to take this many drugs now at 28, what will I be like when I’m 50? Chiropractic was the only help I could find. In addition, I found that I stopped suffering from the depression that had plagued me throughout my life. The only thing that had changed in my life was chiropractic. Thanks chiropractic! ˜Kelly S.


My son has had chronic ear infections (14 in one year); our medical doctor placed him on antibiotics (daily). Since he has been getting adjusted he has not had any ear infections and has stopped the daily antibiotic treatment. His over all health has improved and the frequency of his stomach viruses has also improved (8 last season). ˜Tracy L.

My son Derek wet his bed at nights. After a few visits to Charles Street Family Chiropractic, Derek is dry through the nights. We don’t have to wake him up any more. ˜Leimei T.


Since going to Charles Street Chiropractic, I wake up with more energy on a daily basis. I feel stronger and more focused each day. I feel overall healthier and able to lead a more productive life. ˜George T.


I have been relieved of pain (within a few visits) and decided to receive regular chiropractic care for overall health maintenance and disease prevention.This past winter I did not have one cold or respiratory illness, nor did I have the flu. ˜Mary Susan C.


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