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Meet Tiana Celesia, Nutritionist

Tina Celesia, NutritionistTiana always had an interest in food and nutrition, even as a child. At college, she was halfway through before she found out nutrition was a career and switched her focus. Unfortunately, at that time, a career in nutrition centered on allopathic and hospital nutrition, and treating people who were already sick. She knew there had to be more!

A Different Approach

Tiana studied nutrition while her husband was in chiropractic school. She was impressed by the holistic model of health, and understanding how the body is a self-healing organism; it just needs the right materials to function properly.

Continuing her studies in holistic, wellness-based nutrition, Tiana found the philosophy of functional medicine, which is about helping people get well and not just treating their symptoms or deficiencies. Focusing on the underlying cause of their issues, she helps them discover any dysfunction in the body and provides support to balance it. This may mean addressing small imbalances or symptoms before it can progress to a condition or disease that has a name.

It’s more than making meal plans for diabetics or a diet to lower cholesterol. Tiana goes deep into the foundation of your symptoms to discover clues about understanding the dysfunction and reverses that downward trend by supporting normal function in the body. She provides a natural pathway to health, instead of a future dependent on medication.

Along the way, Tiana became a Registered Dietitian, and is a licensed nutritionist in Massachusetts. She earned Holistic Health Coach certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). Most recently, she became certified in Applied Functional Medicine from the School of Applied Functional Medicine.

Away From the Practice

It should come as no surprise that Tiana loves food and cooking. She also loves anything centered on water or the ocean. That includes walks on the beach, boating, and fishing. You might also find her reading the latest nutrition book by the pool.

A Natural Solution

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