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Shoulder Pain Chiropractic Care in Boston, MA

man holding his shoulder in painAs one of the most mobile joints in your body, your shoulder is unfortunately prone to injury or discomfort. It is held together by ligaments, and the surrounding muscles in your shoulder give it stability with the help of muscles in the upper chest and upper back. A common shoulder injury is rotator cuff syndrome, which is the swelling of the tissues (or tendons) connecting the muscles and bones in your shoulder. Rotator cuff syndrome should be treated quickly so as to prevent the occurrence of any other shoulder conditions, such as frozen shoulder or degenerative issues. Many shoulder conditions causing shoulder pain can be treated with chiropractic care, allowing for safe and efficient rehabilitation of your shoulder.

Causes of shoulder pain

There are many causes to shoulder pain, including inflammation of your muscles and tendons or the shoulder joint itself. The pain and discomfort can range from the inability to move your shoulder, to a slight discomfort when making certain motions. Usually, mild pain is caused by overuse and inflammation, while chronic and severe pain may stem from rotator cuff syndrome or other conditions. The neck is commonly related to many shoulder issues.

Seeking chiropractic services for shoulder pain

If you have been experiencing shoulder pain or discomfort for more than a few days, we recommend you seek chiropractic care. At Charles Street Family Chiropractic, we are able to give you a full assessment of your shoulder pain and provide the chiropractic services you may need. Dr. Quigley will explain shoulder motion to you, and provide you with useful tips, such as stretching or exercises, to ensure the healthy recovery of your shoulder joint.

For shoulder pain relief, call Boston chiropractor Dr. Quigley today at 617-720-1992!