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Chiropractic Care: The Superior Option for Neck Pain Management

neck pain at the deskNeck pain is one of the most common conditions we see in our practice, whether caused by constantly looking down at our digital devices, sleeping awkwardly, or playing sports. While many people reach for OTC medication or adhesive pain patches to mask their discomfort, others look to chiropractic to relieve their pain.

The Popular Choice for Relief

Dr. Quigley is thrilled to share some remarkable findings from a recent research article published in the August 2023 edition of the renowned journal Spine. According to the article, chiropractors were the most popular choice for Americans seeking neck pain in 2022.

The research indicates a clear preference for chiropractic care among Americans suffering from neck pain, with 45% of surveyed individuals choosing this treatment route. Impressively, nearly 80% of these patients stuck with their chiropractor—they didn’t see any other providers for their neck pain.

Cost-Effectiveness of Chiropractic Compared to Other Treatments

The study also explores the cost implications of different healthcare choices. For instance, individuals who initially visited primary care physicians were 4.5 times more likely to receive cortisone injections, which, despite providing temporary relief, pose several risks. In particular, these injections can damage your immune system, joints in the spine, and bones. That’s a big price to pay to get some relief.

In contrast, those who saw chiropractors experienced a more cost-effective and less invasive treatment option. The research highlights the dramatic differences in treatment paths and costs when comparing chiropractic care to other healthcare providers, especially when considering the high costs and risks associated with surgeries.

According to Dr. Quigley, one surgery could cost between $30,000 and $60,000!

A Safe and Noninvasive Option

Individuals who elect to see an orthopedist first for their neck pain are 17 times more likely to receive cortisone injections. These patients are also 34 times more likely to undergo surgery!

These figures may seem alarming, but they underscore chiropractic care’s remarkable safety and efficacy. With a stellar safety record spanning years, chiropractic emerges as the clear winner when it comes to managing neck pain.

Take the Secure & Effective Route First

If you’re seeking relief from neck pain or any musculoskeletal issues, you don’t have to resort to medication, injections, or surgeries. Consider chiropractic first, as it’s safe, conservative, affordable, and incredibly effective. Call us today to book an appointment!


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