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Chiropractic compared to Accupuncture and Meds for Chronic Spinal Pain

What should you do first when you back is barking at you? When the pain is just not going away this time? See your chiropractor of course. Over 117 years ago, the first chiropractic adjustment was performed and this 100% natural form of healing got it start.

I love this article from the Journal Spine of July 2003. In it the authors document their randomized controlled clinical trial where chiropractic care, acupuncture and medication were compared for people having back pain for more than 13 weeks. The outcomes greatly favored the chiropractic group. The chiropractic group had:

  • the highest subjective improvement,
  • the best functional improvement,
  • The best range of motion improvement and
  • highest significant improvement in overall health.
  • The only outcome where the chiropractic group did not finish first was on neck pain where acupuncture scored better than the chiropractic group by 16%, even though the chiropractic group still scored better with the other improvement outcomes.

Consistently we find that for those with chronic back pain a conservative chiropractic approach is a winning formula. In our Boston chiropractic office we closely monitor and survey our patients for their response to care. For those who complete their initial care plans in our office, 90% of people experience substantial improvement in their back pain.

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