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4-Phase Protein Diet Protocol for Weight Loss & Nutritional Education

The Ideal Protein Diet is a medically safe, easy to follow 4-phase protocol that helps men and women stabilize blood sugar levels, achieve rapid weight loss by burning fat while maintaining lean muscle mass and delivers the essential nutritional education for long-term success.

While following the Ideal Protein Diet, you are under the watchful guidance, supervision and care of our diet consultant.

Your weight loss program begins when you decide how much you want to lose.

  • Phase 1 Initial consultation and progress weekly to 80% of your goal losing 3-7 lbs per week.
  • Phase 2 Reach 100% of your goal quickly
  • Phase 3 2 week maintenance period
  • Phase 4 Nutritional education so you can enjoy your new weight knowing how to easily maintain it for life

The Ideal Protein Diet’s 4-phase approach includes breakfast, lunch and snack foods, nutritional guidance plus carefully calibrated vitamins & minerals essential to good health during the weight loss phases of the program.

In simple terms, the Ideal Protein Diet is really 2 distinct elements.

  • Phase 1 & 2 focus on achieving 100% of your weight loss goal w/ nutritional guidance
  • Phase 3 & 4 focus is on post-weight loss nutritional education.

Our clients achieve their goal and learn exactly how to maintain that weight for life.

Understanding Rapid Weight Loss

Learn to live off of the body’s own fat reserves and rapid weight loss will occur naturally.Understanding how rapid weight loss occurs begins by knowing the body draws energy from just three reserves: glycogen (carbohydrate), protein and fats.

  • First the body draws energy from simple and complex carbohydrate reserves and when depleted, turns simultaneously to protein and fat reserves for energy.
  • Simple and complex carbohydrates can prevent weight loss
  • The body stores approximately three days worth of carbohydrates and the diet is specifically designed to take advantage of this fact which means it has a beginning and an end
  • Until 100% of the weight loss goal is achieved, sugars are restricted

Why restrict sugars until all weight is lost?

It’s simple! As long as sugar is being consumed, the body is not burning fat!

Remember, the first source of energy is derived from glycogen (carbohydrate) reserves. The main principle of the Ideal Protein Diet is to deplete the glycogen (carbohydrate) reserves completely in order to compel the body to turn to its fat reserve to burn calories.

How to avoid lean muscle loss:

  1. By providing the body with foods that have a high protein value, 97% absorbable, biologically-complete proteins
  2. By supporting the diet with nutrient-rich supplements essential in muscle building and electrolytes to replace those normally found in foods restricted (only) during the Ideal Protein Diet weight loss phases.People feel energized, look vibrant, feel strong and ohhh … they lose weight and inches quickly too! It is no wonder.
  • Given the opportunity, the body’s natural ability to heal itself and showcase its innate and ingenious powers will surface. On the Ideal Protein Diet of rapid weight loss, the body will return the favor with unparalleled force, radiance and beauty
  • People succeed on the Ideal Protein Diet because it is scientifically based, designed and balanced to produce a predictable result utilizing the body’s own natural fat burning abilities
  • People maintain their weight after the program because they have learned how and why body fat occurs, and understand how to make good food combining choices that avoid weight gain, while still having lots of fun and pleasure from the foods they love

Our diet consultant supports you throughout the program. Ask us about the Ideal Protein Diet (617) 720-1992.

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