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Getting Out of Pain and on the Healing Path Naturally

Auto-Accident Neck Pain Treatment in Boston, MAWhen you’re active, and a spine injury takes away your ability to enjoy life and sleep, it can be incredibly discouraging.

Paul, one of our patients, suffered chronic pain and spinal subluxations in his neck from a car crash over a year ago. He shares his inspiring story about his remarkable recovery in just a few weeks of comprehensive care, including chiropractic adjustments, cold laser therapy, spinal decompression, and rehabilitation exercises.

I was in a car accident back in February 2022. Rear-ended. I haven’t been the same since. Daily pain in my back, neck and shoulders, elbow, and knees. I’ve been through two stints of physical therapy, chiropractic care, and massage therapy—none of it worked for me. I saw this ad on Facebook for non-surgical decompression, which I had never heard of. But I was on the verge of getting injections, and if that didn’t work, back surgery was on the table.

I am amazed at my progress in just three weeks of care. I now have zero to no pain in my upper back and neck area. This is where I felt the most pain. I can’t believe I feel this good after a short period of time. Feels like a miracle. I am sticking with the care plan.

On my first visit, they examined me and took X-rays. During the next appointment, Dr. Quigley showed me the pain’s problems and root causes and was convinced they could help. They exceeded my expectations. I recommend this place because I learned how bad your life can be with this kind of pain. You can’t sleep. You can’t enjoy your family like you would like to or used to. It hurts. It hurts. And it never stops hurting. You don’t need medicine. You need the right care!

The Healing Effects of Non-surgical Spinal Decompression

We invite you to discover the benefits of non-surgical spinal decompression, an effective, safe way to restore, regenerate and re-nutrify your damaged spinal discs.

Combined with the wobble chair, chiropractic adjustments and laser, it is a great way to get your groove back in a gentle manner that feels great!

Could You Be Our Next Success Story?

We’re looking forward to this year’s Health Success Challenges helping us prioritize our health so we end the year healthier and happier than we started. Put pain in your past and better health in your present by scheduling an appointment today!


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