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Phase II Covid Update from Dr. Chris and Charles Street Family Chiropractic

We are happy to report that things are going very smoothly here at Charles Street Family Chiropractic. We have been able to provide care to our clients in a very safe and sanitary way.

If you haven’t been in yet we miss you!

As we move into Phase 2 of re-opening, everyone is still being required to wear masks per the board of health.

We are going to start to make individual visits available for those who have a health concern or are simply more comfortable being the only patient in the office at a time. We have individual visit starting at 3PM on Mondays. These appointments will be every 15 minutes and it will be just you and Dr. Sam. He will not be able to accommodate walk ins and you need to arrive exactly on time for your scheduled appointment, so we can prepare for the next. Call the office to reserve yours at 617-720-1992 or go to our website or click on the orange request an appointment at the top of the home page.

Massage will be restarting this Friday and Saturday. As always everything will be sanitized between patients and you should plan on wearing a mask.

For everyone’s safety we still ask that if you have had a cough, fever or sudden loss of taste or smell you do not come into the office until you have been in touch with your medical provider for advice.

Our number one concern continues to be your health and the health and well-being of our community. Chiropractic wellness care is an important part of maintaining and expressing optimal health.

Continue to be smart, be safe and be well.

Dr. Chris Quigley

P.S. We are always striving to be the premier Boston Chiropractor, I have posted a couple of important research reports on our website as well. The ones on Vitamin D and immunity, Omega -3’s protecting you should you get covid and Immunity and Chiropractic Care and the Flu are all good reads.

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