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The End of Medicine as We Know It?

During cold and flu season, probably once per week at my Beacon Hill Chiropractic Office, I have a patient who comes in with a story about how they went to their primary care doc’s office and got a script for an antibiotic for a cold, cough or sinus infection. My first response is always “how high was your temperature?” 98% of the time their response is “little to none.” It happened just yesterday again. I say something along the lines of “wow, did you know that antibiotics have no effect on viral infections? Which is probably what you had. If you had a bacterial infection you probably would have a higher temperature.”

Considering the sheer volume of research articles and media efforts at educating the public about the dangers over-prescription of antibiotics, it shocking that happens day after day after day.

Due to this repetitive process, I am always looking for more information and research data on this phenomenon. Today was a real whopper of a report. The head of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Margret Chan, stated that “the post-antibiotic era means the end of medicine as we know it.”

Dr. Chan reported that the death rate from drug-resistant pathogens has been shown to have increased by almost 50%. This warning comes just after the publication of a new book by the WHO titled “The Evolving Threat of Antimicrobial Resistance.”

Hospital Induced infection is a frightening problem as well. Even Tom Brady got one during is knee surgery in 2008. Six members of the Cleveland Browns football team suffered from staph infections after surgery. One of them lost almost 30lbs from the infection.

Health and the resistance to bacteria comes from one place, inside you. When you do all the right things to keep your body performing at its optimum, you have the best opportunity to fight off bacteria and viruses that can do their damage when the find a stressed out, worn down, subluxated person to harm.

Subluxations diminish your body’s ability to function at a high level. I have heard three times in the last month a patient tell me that they came in to the office for back pain or headaches and that their pain is gone and they haven’t had a cold in the last 12-18 months since getting adjusted under chiropractic care in our office. Want to stay healthy and perform at your best, see a chiropractor, get adjusted and improve your health and function.

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