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The Health of Your Nervous System Determines Your Health.

The health of your nervous system determines your health. The nervous system is a super system of the body that controls and coordinates the function of every aspect of your life and your health. This important fact is what makes chiropractic special.

A recent article published by a group of surgeons does a great job highlighting this importance. The study titled “Relationship Between Degree of Focal Kyphosis Correction and Neurological Outcomes For Patients Undergoing Cervical Deformity Correction Surgery.” demonstrates the importance of proper alignment of the spine. This allows your nervous system to function at its optimal, making you function better and be healthier.

This study examined the symptomatic and functional improvement of a group of 36 patients with pain and disability related to pressure on the nervous system who had surgery to correct their spinal alignment. This study specifically focused on correction of the reversal of the normal neck curvature (kyphosis.)

A healthy neck has a 45 degree forward curve to it. This forward curve is called a lordosis. The normal alignment can be lost and even reversed when the spine gets injured. In chiropractic, we call this injury the vertebral subluxation complex (VSC). VSC happens when the bones of the spine are knocked out of place, get stuck and damage the nerves, which as we have discussed, control every function of your body.

The authors state:

“The reversal of normal cervical curvature, as seen in kyphosis, can occur through a variety of mechanisms and can lead to mechanical pain, neurological dysfunction and functional disabilities. Kyphosis of the cervical spine can be a debilitating condition that leads to significant neurological dysfunction.”

“The results of this study showed significantly improved neurological outcomes with better correction of focal kyphosis and with attainment of global lordosis.”

“The authors results suggest that the degree of correction of focal kyphosis deformity correlates with improved neurological and functional outcomes.”

“It is believed that the neurological symptoms seen in cervical kyphosis are a result of deformity induced anatomical changes that apply pressure to the spinal cord and nerve roots.”

“As kyphosis progresses, spinal cord and nerve root stresses often increase, leading to further neurological debilitation. ”

“It is thought that the tension created from the backwards neck curve, kyphosis deformity, on the anterior spinal cord results in compression on the regional blood supply and nerves.”

“Our study found that the degree of correction of focal kyphosis deformity correlates with improved neurological outcomes”

This has been the focus of our chiropractic office for many years. This article discusses an aggressive surgical intervention. What about correcting the problem before the functional and symptom trouble starts? There are many people walking around, unknowingly with a reversed curve in their neck. The tell tale sign that you have a reverse curve in your neck is forward head shift. This happens when your ear is forward of your shoulder.

Put this together with the study’s by Dr. Deborah Kado on bad posture and premature death, this paints a picture on how important good posture and spinal health have on your quantity and quality of your life. See your posture specialist/chiropractor today.

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