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Tiana’s Tips For a Healthier Cup of Coffee

Coffee is a staple in many people’s morning routines, and some are so passionate you risk your health if you try to take that away! Whether choosing regular or decaffeinated versions there are some additives to pass on that can cause negative side effects.

Choose organic whenever possible as coffee crops are one of the heaviest in pesticide use. If choosing decaffeinated varieties look for the term “water processed” versus chemical extraction.

If you are sensitive to mold, you can go a step further and purchase brands that are certified mold free such Purity, Lifeboost and Bulletproof.

Here are three things to avoid putting in your coffee if you’re looking to avoid the junk.

1. Artificial Sweeteners – Artificial sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin and sucralose can lead to a host of unpleasantries-some people with sensitivities may experience headaches and digestive problems. Instead of artificial sweeteners, try adding natural sweeteners such as coconut sugar, honey or maple syrup. For non-caloric options try stevia or monkfruit. If using monkfruit it is often combined with sugar alcohols like erythritol so check labels for purity. Sugar alcohols can cause gas/bloating in sensitive individuals.

2. Non-dairy Creamers – Creamers can contain ingredients like hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup which may lead to weight gain and other health issues. A dash of organic heavy cream can go along way or instead of creamers, try adding unsweetened coconut milk or almond milk for a creamy texture without the added sugar. Look for brands without additives as non dairy milks can be loaded with gums, stabilizers and flavor enhancers. Some clean brands to look for include Elmhurst, Three Trees and Malk. You can also easily make your own (a post for another time).

3. Flavored Syrups – Flavored syrups may taste good, but they are packed with sugar and artificial ingredients. Instead of flavored syrups, try adding extracts or spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg for a natural flavor boost without all the added sugar. You can even put cinnamon in with the ground coffee before brewing.
If you’re looking for an energy boost without the caffeine jitters, there are plenty of healthy alternatives to coffee without all the negative side effects. Some great options chicory based coffee such as Dandy Blend or Cafix, and rooibos or other herbal teas. If looking for an energy boost without the jitters, green teas and matcha green tea powders are a better choice. They contain caffeine but it comes along with some beneficial antioxidants and a calming ingredient called L-theanine. Caution with the matcha and golden lattes at coffee shops that are pre-mixed with sugar. Better to add your own from the choices mentioned.

Chiropractic care is another great way to naturally boost energy levels by helping your body function as designed!
Ready to book an adjustment? Contact our practice today-we look forward to seeing you in the practice soon.

Tiana Celesia is our Registered Dietitian and Certified Health Coach who specializes in gut health. Reach out to her to book an appointment today.

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