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Vitamin D and Health

Are you taking enough Vitamin D?  Most of us are not according to the avalanche of evidence that is coming out saying that Vitamin D is vital for your health.  I will summarize a few of the recent articles .

Fighting Infections with Vitamin E: Nature Medicine April 2006

Key Points;

In 1895 Niels Finsen of Denmark effectively treated tuberculosis with exposure to high-intensity light produced from an electric arc lamp.   This improved the disease in 95% of the affected people.  He was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1903 for this treatment.  (Think the big pharma companies would have been trying to discredit him if he discovered this today?)

Sunlight stimulates the synthesis of Vitamin D which upregulates the expression of a microbe-fighting peptide, LL-37.   This peptide, part of your innate immune response, stimulates the white blood cells to more effectively kill a variety of infections, such as bacteria.

American Blacks are particularly susceptible to infection by tuberculosis because they have substantially lower serum vitamin D levels than whites.

Our current recommendations are based on the minimum vitamin D requirements to sustain the  health of our skeleton.    This study reports that optimal functioning of our innate immune system might require more vitamin D.

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