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Weight Loss FAQ’s

Why restrict sugars until all weight is lost?

As long as sugar is being consumed, the body is not burning fat. It’s as simple as that. Absolutely, provided you follow the carefully defined guidelines. Remember, this is a scientifically sound, medically developed protocol that is designed to reset your body function and eating habits. That makes it not only your last diet, it becomes a life changing set of habits you can live with, naturally. (and still have lots of fun with food)

Do I have to buy more weight loss foods to maintain my weight after the program ends?

No, though many who have completed their weight loss program select a few favorites such as the delicious bars or drinks as emergency meal replacements or mid afternoon treats, which tends to be much cheaper than fast food alternatives, and better for your health too!

What to do about well meaning family & friends?

Oftentimes, a client who must contend with comments by friends and family are not on their first diet.They’ve decided to follow the ideal protein diet because previous diets failed. Perhaps they’ve gone on so many unsuccessful diets that they’ve been weakened, ridiculed or the target of skepticism. Here is a sampling of comments heard by dieters

De-motivating comments:

“Don’t waste your time with another diet. You’ll just go off the diet anyway and regain all the weight you lost”, or “I know someone who went on that diet and they put all the pounds back on”.


“You think it’ll work? After all, you have no reason to think you’ll succeed based on all the other diets….”


“Go on, have just a little; it’s so good. A tiny serving won’t ruin your diet and make you put back on some weight.”

Attempts to throw you off track:

“Well, well, you’re not allowed to eat any fruit? That’s odd. It’s not very healthy either. Fruit is good for you; it’s full of vitamins. It’s not right to ban fruits, especially since they don’t make you gain weight.”

Attempts to make you worry or feel guilty:

“I talked with so-and-so who went on the diet you’re on and I read it in magazines: your diet is harmful to your health.”


“You should stop losing weight. You look fine the way you are.” It’s hard to avoid comments that are allegedly made for “your own good”. Don’t let these well-meaning but uninformed people lead you to question your intentions. You decided to lose weight, and whatever happens is the result of a contract between you and your nutritionist. When you have faith in your nutritionist and her method, weight loss is a personal matter, so ignore these birds of ill omen.

I’m afraid the Ideal Protein diet will be difficult

You may be tormented by irrepressible cravings for a “forbidden fruit” during the first two to three days of the diet when ketosis is induced. Hang in there and don’t succumb to a food that’ll keep you from losing weight (that would be like starting over, because you’ll stop ketosis). You’ll soon be rewarded: the diet will seem easier, because you will have become accustomed to doing without certain foods (you were probably addicted to sugar) and because ketosis releases substances similar to amphetamines, which are natural appetite suppressants and boost your energy level and enthusiasm.This is a major plus. Every time you step on the weigh scale you’ll see that the diet is worth the effort. Although the diet may be difficult, it is of limited duration. It’ll be over before you know it, especially given the very long-term benefits.

How long does the ideal protein diet take?

The Ideal Protein Diet is not a long-term diet and actual duration will be based on your personal weight loss goal. Your diet will be tailored to you, because you don’t have the same pounds to lose as someone else and because you put them on under different circumstances. Your age, family circumstance and health status affect the treatment and its length.

When will I start to see results?

Results vary, depending on your gender, metabolism and starting weight. During the first week, you’ll lose two to six pounds of water due to diuresis. So, if you lose six pounds during the first week, don’t be alarmed. Weight loss will be less spectacular in the weeks that follow. After three weeks, you’ll be well on your way to losing body fat and your weight loss goal.

Are all proteins created equally?

Let’s make a distinction between high-protein preparations and so-called balanced meal replacements, which are supposed to contain fewer calories than a normal meal. Meal replacements, which are even sold in superstores, contain a large amount of sugar, which prevents efficient weight loss (ketosis).Their only focus is to be low calorie. High-protein preparations are strictly regulated and contain virtually no sugar. They must have a perfect composition of essential amino acids in very precise proportions, known as their chemical score. Two powders containing the same proportion of proteins do not necessarily have the same biological value, because their essential amino acid content and efficacy may be different. The first proteins used in the United States in the 1970s had a very low biological value. Nowadays, quality control is very strict and most proteins have satisfactory specifications. Protein preparations that contain animal gelatin or gelatin obtained from GM foods, such as genetically modified soybeans are strongly discouraged.

Can any high-protein preparation be used during a protein diet, as long as its protein content is high and sugar content is low?

Fitness buffs who are heavily into body-building have been using high-protein preparations for years. These products are not strictly controlled systematically and most are not regulatory. Remember that body-builders who eat these proteins already have a very rich diet. So, if the protein has a minor deficiency, it will have no consequences. A person on the protein diet exclusively eats certain proteins instead of a regular diet; therefore, a deficiency in the proteins may have significant health consequences. So, follow the advice of your nutritionist who will give you proteins with full knowledge of your situation.

Is the ideal protein diet harmful or unsafe?

The ideal protein diet is not an aggressive weight-loss method, because it involves no medication. It’s not a high protein diet, because you eat the proteins your body actually needs and no more. Therefore, it does not affect the kidneys more than any other protein diet consisting of meat, fish, eggs and dairy products.

  • Do not go on a protein diet if you have severe impairment in kidney function
  • Do not go on the protein diet if you have insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, not because of the proteins but because of the sugars that are eliminated
  • Do not go on an overly strict diet of any kind if you’ve recently had a cardiovascular incident
  • The protein diet is not for children who haven’t finished growing, nor is it for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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