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You Are 100% Likely to Be Exposed to the Coronavirus

You WILL be exposed to it eventually. Mathematically, it is inevitable. It may be next week—or next year but you will be exposed. You can run, but you can’t hide. The ubiquitous, highly contagious coronavirus will contact your body in one way or another.

You may even become “infected.” Meaning the virus actually makes it to the inside of your body and begins to replicate.

When it does, what will happen?

If you are healthy:
Your body will do what it was designed to do and has done your entire life. When the virus (or any pathogenic organism) enters your body, your body recognizes it as an invader with bad intentions. Your immune system will mobilize all of its considerable resources to keep the virus from replicating; from attacking and destroying healthy cells and tissues; and it will relentlessly track down and ruthlessly obliterate every single virus until there are none left to attack you.

During this contest between the virus and your immune system you may exhibit symptoms such as: a fever (higher-than-normal body temperatures weaken and kill pathogens); fatigue and/or muscle aches (whenever your immune system is engaged, it diverts your body’s energies toward neutralizing the threat); a cough and/or stuffy nose (lungs and sinuses will produce mucus to flush the virus).

Do these symptoms mean you are “sick?” Not at all. They mean your body in general and your immune system in particular are working exactly as they were meant to work.

When the threat has been neutralized, your symptoms (if you had any) will subside, your body will return to normal function and you can go about the business of living your life.

If you are not healthy:
If your immune system is compromised by subluxation, poor nutrition, poor stress response, or other such demands, the scenario above could take a very different turn and have a very different, unpredictable outcome.

The message?
Your immune system is the best protection against all pathogenic invaders of your body. Do everything possible to develop, support and strengthen your immune system. Get regular chiropractic care. Take care of your nutrition—including supplements. Get plenty of sleep. Get plenty of exercise. Get healthy. Stay healthy.

Thanks to Dr. Tom Klapp of Ann Arbor Michigan for this super article

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